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Products and Services

Our services include, but are not limited to; data recovery, hard drive repair/upgrade with full data transfer, individual file recovery (for those times when the expense of full data recovery is prohibitive). NOTE: Major Price Change!

For more information see our price/policy area, contact page or call:

Common Computers
332 West Campbell
Midwest City, Oklahoma


Pricing Information: FLAT $30 PER HOUR FEE!

DOS, Windows 3.x, 9x, ME, NT, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista

Service Requested

Price Range
(USA Only)

Standard Daytime

$30 Per Hour

Night & Weekend

$75 Per Hour

For Secure Online Payment, Click Here

To start your data on it's way to recovery, just ship the drive via your choice of shipping methods (and speed) to the Address listed above.
You'll need to arrange payment by calling us at 1-405-737-9970 after the repair and then either use our Secure Online Payment Form, PayPal, Fax or Phone. Once your drive arrives, we'll begin the rigorous testing and procedures necessary to recover your data. We will then contact you with the estimated investment required for recovery! (See our Priority Levels available under Service Information.)

Service Information

Pricing for data recovery varies based on the difficulty of the dataq recovery. To assist you in deciding whether to acquire our services we have provided some general investment information Above for the supported operating systems.

We currently have 2 levels of service available, Standard and High Priority which are reflected in the Chart above Standard Priority work is done during the workday (no nights/weekends), High Priority is done during the workday PLUS nights/weekends and places your drive in front of the queue of Standard Priority drives, allowing for the fastest turnaround available. (note: if there are other drives being serviced at the High Priority level, your drive will be placed in line depending on the date and time we receive it.)

We accept Credit Cards, Cash, Check, Cashier Check, Money Orders and for local entities some Purchase Orders. Available NOW! Secure Online Payment via American Express©, Discover/Novus©, Visa© or Mastercard©!

Click HERE for SSL payment Form!

or pay from your checking account with PayPal™;
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or use it to pay ANYONE via email from your Visa/Mastercard/Checking accounts!

Ordering Information

See our Contact page for email, address, and phone contact information.


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